Personal Trainers

At Intensity we only take on Personal Trainers who we know share our passion and who will work constantly to help you exceed your goals.

  • Although we are always available to give some tips and free advice, we also offer top level Personal Training on a one to one basis or in small groups.
  • Our trainers respect who you are and what you want to achieve but they will push you. There’s no sitting around having a chat – it’s hard work. But you will see a difference and in just a few weeks. So whether it’s weight-loss – general fitness and toning – or building muscle they have the expertise and drive to get you where you want to be.

Our Current Team

Darwin Pineda

Darwin is Mr Intensity and has years of experience training everyone from those new to the gym, to pro athletes. He offers a wide range of techniques and is a great motivator.

Specialises in high intensity training – Expert with resistance machines and weights

General strength and conditioning – Toning muscle and losing weight  – Calithenics and stretching

Advice on diet and supplements

Mohammed – “I have been training now for about 3 years and had started to lose motivation but decided to give it one last go and joined intensity gym. I met up with Darwin to push me to a new level and get me back in the gym. From the 1st day I could see he was very enthusiastic and passionate about his job. It has now been 5 to 6 months and he still trains me with the same passion and enthusiasm but with more intensity. I have been able to surpass my goals with his help. He definitely does not mess around like other personal trainers that I have trained with.”