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We understand knowing what to do to improve isn’t always easy.

We are here to offer advice and help you.

Get to know the equipment better, follow the right workout and get to your goals faster.

The Intensity Way

A more intense workout, making the best use of resistance training alongside cardio and TRX options, means you achieve more faster!

What do you want to achieve this year?

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Weight loss

Be Fitter

Build Muscle


Weight Loss

4girlLosing weight shouldn’t be just about losing fat. If you want to tone up and lose weight, cardio alone isn’t enough.

Using resistance workouts has been shown to help you lose 40% more fat than cardio alone.

This is largely because using them as part of an intense workout raises your metabolic rate more effectively for up to 36 hours after you leave the gym, increasing calories burned.

Toned means building and keeping lean muscle. Not only do you feel great but also it helps burn calories in everyday life. So keeping the weight off is easier.


Be Fitter

11181336_912474092148359_7654899798228040258_nOur experience tells us you will achieve far more with shorter, more intense workouts, than by spending hours just going through the motions.

Feel like you have stopped improving? We know how to build a programme of alternating workouts which constantly challenge your body, so you keep improving.

Great cardio and resistance training equipment.
A large free weights area.
A large space for functional training featuring multiple TRX points.
All combine to give you the best workouts for your goal.


Build Muscle


All the quality equipment you will ever need. Including a large free weights area and dumbbells up to 70kg.

Maximise your time – we’ve created a space with enough equipment so you can come in and work out. No more hanging around. No more excuses. Get on that next set.






RaulTrainers with experience of helping those who compete that will really push you whether you’re looking for that beach body or want to lift some serious kgs.

Top athletes like Intensity Gym for a reason.